Inspired by providing the three E’s which are Elegance, Excellence and Efficiency to our customers, we don’t compromise when manufacturing our furniture. Our furniture is designed to make home feel more than just home, affording you, our client, the opportunity to have your dream home turned into a reality.  

Established in 2019, Designerhubhomes offers countless options of customized furniture as well as an enormous catalogue of imported goods that are carefully crafted. Our furniture is designed by our architects who have
mastered the art of design over the years.

We understand that the global economy has been under siege therefore we have ensured that we provide affordable furniture without compromising on quality.

Our online store as well as our social media platforms make ordering your furniture a click away and our efficient as well as respectful, friendly sales team are on the other side to assist you throughout the process.

Elegance suits you so shop with us, let’s make excellence your norm.

Email: info@designerhubhomes.com
Landline: +27 10 448 4443
WhatsApp: +27 74 478 1871