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ARENA 001 Daybed by Roda

ARENA daybed makes the most out of RODA experience in the outdoor furniture making: its soft seat makes it incredibly cosy, while the particular inclination of the backrest and the brand-new tubular mélange padded fabric, available in two colours grey-sand and grey-blue, satisfy the need for design. In between of a garden sofa and a poolside lounger, wherever it is placed, ARENA is the best shelter for a total relaxatio. Combine two ARENA daybeds vis-à-vis and create an oasis of comfort outside!
Designed by Gordon Guillaumier under the RODA brand, it is the new must-have item. Almost an icon of relaxation and leisure: with its elliptical shape, subtle backrest and steel frame, ARENA gives the idea of a floating raft, ready to welcome one or more people on its soft, comfortable cushions.

The range currently consists of a unique “eye catcher” element, an image product that not only draws the attention, but also meets the need for comfortable “hybrid” seating, where one can causally relax, sunbathe and read a book.
ARENA brings and reinforces a fundamental structural aspect to get the most out of the outdoor experience: the softness of the seat, made unique thanks to its elliptical shape, the inclination of the backrest and the tubular mesh that is one of RODA’s brand new elements.




Structure: Stainless steel with polyester padded belt, achieved by intertwining different colour threads that give an attractive multi-tone look.
The belt is available in two colours: grey/sand and grey/blue.

203x168x81h cm